AUXICOLOR S.L. has always been committed to research and development as key factors for competitiveness, investing considerable resources in a laboratory equipped with state-of-the-art facilities for conducting chemical analyses and the relevant verification and validation tests on our products for the textile and paper-coating industries.

We have the expertise to develop our products from the initial study of the chemical composition of the raw materials through to small-scale application tests. This enables us to offer our customers the maximum assurance in terms of the features and added value of our products. Since 2011, AUXICOLOR S.L. has been using an automated four-colour carousel pulp printing machine which allows us to validate our screen-printing products in conjunction with our clients.

We also boast a highly-trained, multidisciplinary technical team of experts in the field of chemical textiles who work exclusively on research and development in our laboratory, plus a technical and sales team with extensive experience in technical support and after-sales service at our clients’ facilities.

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