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We would like to provide our customers the confidence that our “ready to use” specialities fulfil the most recently recognised requirements that ensure its social and environmental statuts. Periodically we test them according to the most recently edited certifications in internationally homologated laboratories. Our R+D+i deparment is working with friendly environmental and non harmful chemicals in order to protect de consumer.

Our best ECO products:

Free of harmful substances: Formadehyde free, phthalates, PVC, etc..
Ready to use.
High stability when applied, preventing the screens drying.
Exceptionally handle and very elastic.
Wide range of mesh for use from 34 threads/cm up to 66 threads/cm.

Matt paste effect ready to use with excellent coverage. Suitable for dark fabrics. When applied produces a semi-discharge effect. It offers a very soft handle and can be printing on cotton, cotton / polyester and other fibers.

Formaldehyde-free printing paste, for the discharge printing on cellulose fabrics. A new generation product, developed in the laboratories of Auxicolor, which improves performance of similar products and provides better results.

Other Auxicolor ECO products:

Blanco Auxiprint Discharge ECO
Autoprint Discharge ECO
Auxiplast White PST
Auxiplast Neutral PST
Auxiplast TRN-PST
Auxiplast White Soft
Auxiplast FB ECO

Auxiplast STA
Auxifoam PPW
Blanco Auxiprint S-300
Wonderlac MT-Super ECO
Wonderbrill Soft ECO
Gama Pigmentos Auxiprint
Ligante Purpurina AOS ECO

Some certifications:

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