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We are pleased to contact you again just to introduce our newest developments in printing and dyeing in response to the fashion and trendy textile requierments.

We trust you would be interested in our Bloquing paste which definetly solves the sublimation and migration problem of PES textiles when fabrics printed. We believe it is a big step in order to substitude the old Plastisol system by the newest and more ecological water based lacquers and pastes. Kindly check with our technical staff to obtain the best performance and fastness.

Following the most trendy fashion we also present our new range of fluorescent / neon pigments suitable for printing and dyeing. Additionally we are also introducing the OVERDYE series specially designed to obtain old fashion performace in garment dyeing.

The Auxibloquer is a specially designed water-based paste to avoid the migration and sublimation of disperse dyes. As it is known they usually shade the paste printed over them.

Can be used both in manual or authomatic printing machines.
It allows to be used in long working periods due to the specific auxiliaries added to prevent dry up.
Its is applied as a base with simple or double printing depending on the fabric with pre-drying in between. Afterwards the lacquer can be used over it.

New fast process to get an aged effect on cotton.

Wide range of soluble dyes suited for mordant dyeing.
Royal blue and royal green shades are easily obtained.
Used in dyeing garments machinery you achieve old fashion aspect fabrics.
Good light, rubbing and washing fastness.
They do not mess the dyeing machinery.

We offer a five pigments range with a great performance.
They work for exhausting or continues system.
They only require one bath in exhausting dyeing process.
Formadehyde free. Suitable for Oëko-tex Satandard 100 fabrics.
The equipment is easily cleaned compared with when traditional pigments are used.

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