Textile workshop in Minsk

On September 9 AUXICOLOR SL –along with its distribution partner HOLLINDA– congregated 16 textile companies and 25 technicians from the stamping and cleaning areas at the Bellegprom  facilities (Minsk, Byelorussia).

Mr. VIKENTSI ADAMOVICH (Deputy Chairman of Bellegprom) welcomed all the speakers and introduced Hollindia represented by Mr. Arving Gokhale (Managing director) and Witold Florczak (Area Manager) and Auxicolor as dynamic and global companies able to distance themselves from their competitors by offering an excellent customer service and providing effective solutions to the changing needs of the textile sector.

Auxicolor’s speak/conference, offered by Mr. Jordi Malgosa (Managing Director) and Mr. Juan Alarcon (Technical Manager) was entitled:: “PRINTING & COMPLIANCE REQUERIMENT: Eco-Friendly Certifications & Quality Controls”. It dealt with the need to work with no harmful products, under all the environment ordinance, emphasizing the different regulations (Oekoteks, Eco-Pasport, GOts …) and specific standards that are being demanded by large textile groups like Inditex, Marks & Spencer, Nike, etc.


Subsequently a full line of printing specialties were introduced, meeting the most strict current regulations, as well as improvements in the range of high performance pigment dispersions, AUXIPRINT.

Mr. Witek Florczak brilliantly introduced a new range of high performance reactive dyes.

All the attendees showed a great interest in the products presented. The time devoted to questions was  lengthened considerably, experimenting with all the different qualities and effects that could be obtained with AUXICOLOR products over patterned fabrics and, while maintaining the utmost respect for health and environment.