We incorporate ECO-PASSPORT to our line of products certification.

Endorsed qualification by OËKOTEX, which is an independent organization which its function is endorsing chemical producers and its products, determining when those can be used in a textile production qualified as a sustainable.

To do that, OËKOTEX applies a methodology based on two different phases: the first consists in a restricted substances list and a restricted substances produc-tion list, called RSL and MRSL respectivelly; the second one includes an analitic verification of the products in a laboratory member of OËKOTEX.

We implement our portfolio of products with the certification GOTS (GLOBAL ORGANIC TEXTILE STANDARD)

The goal of GOTS is defining which are the recognized requirements, at a Global level to ensure the organic condition of the textile products. To do that, factors from the obtention of the raw material, that has to be res-ponsible with the environment and social, since a correct information to the con-sumer and labelling of the ending product, have to be taken in account.

By this certification, the processors and producers of the textile sector, have the chance to export their organic fabrics and apparels, with the warranty of an independent organization, renown in all the big markets of the world.

See the products of AUXICOLOR certified by GOTS.

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